Away From The City: Dream House Plan With Two Verandas

Away From The City: Dream House Plan With Two Verandas

What are your plans for your retirement?

Are you planning to still live in the busy city or do you prefer a quiet life away from the bustle and hustle?

If life in the province is something that you want to achieve in the future, you should start thinking ahead by picking the dream house that you will have.

If you’re still thinking about what house to build as your retirement home, you will surely like this house plan for today.

This is a beautiful garden house idea which is still friendly on the budget. It is a two-story home with a raised roof and ideally, should be built next to a pool. The roof is made of nipa, but if you want to make it sturdier, you can also use galvanized steel.

The unique feature of this house plan is the terrace that extends into the pool. It is made with an open space which makes it a good spot for eating out, for relaxing or as an extended lanai.

This terrace by the pool has steel columns and structures with pre-fabricated flooring. To complete the look, you can use faux grass to match the atmosphere of the surrounding.

This house plan has an open space concept. There’s no exact floor plan and room arrangement as you’re free to change it to your liking.

The floor of this house is finished with light gray tiles. There is also a mini kitchen complete with a sink. The common bathroom is located at the first floor, together with the garage.

The stairs from the second floor will lead you to the main hall. You can convert this main hall as a bedroom or as another receiving area.

PRO TIP: Try decorating the windows and doors with a thin sheer or white curtain. You will be amazed once the wind starts blowing from inside the house out.

Check out how breathtaking the view is from this house plan!

If you are considering living in the province, this house plan will surely be an ideal home for you. It is warm and inviting, yet not very expensive to build. All in all, this house comes with:

  • A bedroom
  • A bathroom
  • A kitchen
  • 2 Terraces
  • Garage

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