Another Domestic Helper in Kuwait Needs Help: Employer Punches and Spits on Her Face

A domestic helper in Kuwait was silently crying for help.

Why do our Overseas Filipino Workers work abroad? If you will ask an OFW, most of them will say for greener pasture, to put food on the table, and to send their children and siblings to school. Almost all of them will say that they want to give a better life for their families.

Because they want to give their families a brighter future, a lot of our OFWs are ready to sacrifice their happiness. Some of them are even surpassing the abuse they get from their employers just to send money to the Philippines.

[Image Credit: Esorynnej Madera Doroliat/Facebook]

Domestic Helper in Kuwait Silently Crying for Help

But let’s face it: A lot of our kababayans are also silently crying for help.

In the series of Facebook videos posted by concerned netizen and also an OFW, Esorynnej Madera Doroliat, she showed a domestic helper in Kuwait named Marifaith Tubana Pataras. A native of Nalbuan, Licuan-Baay, Abra, Pataras is silently asking for help.

[Image Credit: Esorynnej Madera Doroliat/Facebook]

According to Doroliat, she went to Magic Planet in Grand Avenues Kuwait when she met the domestic helper in Kuwait. According to Pataras, she is constantly receiving physical abuse from her employer. Other than hurting her physically, her employer is also spitting on her.

There are also times when her employers will scold her because the children ate all the food.

[Image Credit: Esorynnej Madera Doroliat/Facebook]

Help to Return to the Country

The video was taken in a very fast manner and most of the words that Pataras was saying was unrecognizable. This is because she wants to finish immediately before her employer will see her talking to another OFW.

Although Doroliat, a fellow OFW gave money for Pataras’ transportation and she is already safe in the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait.

We were able to help other OFWs by spreading the news so hopefully, we will be able to help other domestic helpers in Kuwait to go back to their families in the Philippines.

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