Agency Sells a Domestic Helper To Three Different Employers, Three Different Times

The poor domestic helper was sold to three different employers by her agency. [Image Credit: Ladyblack Beboso / Facebook]

There is an estimated 6,000 Filipinos who leave the country to work overseas every day. This ranges from fathers, mothers, siblings or other family members.

To secure a job outside the Philippines, Overseas Filipino Workers and their families spend not only time and effort but also money to pay for fees, paperwork, and the trip to and from their hometowns and cities. There are many people who fall victim with illegal recruiters while there are also who suffer from agencies who only want to earn money from sending them to different employers.

One of these unfortunate OFWs is a domestic helper named Jelyn Martinez Eustaquio who is working in Jordan. Another OFW in Riyadh under the Facebook username Ladyblack Beboso decided to share Jelyn’s case in an OFW Facebook group to help the poor domestic helper.

According to Beboso, Jelyn has been working for three employers in Jordan since her agency is moving her from one employer to another. In all cases, she failed to receive the salary that she was guaranteed to get.

Domestic Helper Sold Several Times

In her first employer, she spent two months working without getting any salary at all so her agency moved her to another one. But she experienced the similar treatment for her second employer, whom she served for ten months. For the duration of her service, she only gets half of her salary. According to the said employer, the other half goes to her savings that she can only get after the term of her contract.

The second employer returned her to her agency, Mother’s Way, since she cannot handle all the household work. The poor domestic helper stayed in her agency’s office for a week without any food or proper care until she was sold to another employer.

[Image Credit: Ladyblack Beboso / Facebook]

Similar Treatment By Her Third Employer

Her third employer’s policy is similar to the second one. She’s only receiving half of what’s in the contract and the other half goes to her “savings”. The workload given to her is also not for a single household help only.

Because of her sufferings and the never-ending job with the third employer, add to the fact that she has a skin allergy for a year, she wants to go home to her family.

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