Agency Brushes Off the Cry for Help of a Domestic Helper

A domestic helper was refused help from her agency. [Image Credit: Vyncel Joy Ombid Caro/Facebook]
A domestic helper was refused help from her agency. [Image Credit: Vyncel Joy Ombid Caro/Facebook]

If you will ask a group of people, 6 out of 10 may say that they would like to work as an Overseas Filipino Worker to provide better things for their families. A lot of them may say that by working abroad, they can put more food on the table and send their children or siblings to better schools.

However, if you will ask them, only 1 to 2 out of 10 may be ready to face the consequences of working abroad. A lot of these people cannot battle homesickness or be away from their families for several months and years.

And what if they need to suffer abuse, physically, mentally, and sexually from their employers?

[Image Credit: Vyncel Joy Ombid Caro/Facebook]

Held by Her Current Employer

In a Facebook post by a concerned netizen named Vyncel Joy Ombid Caro, her friend, Kris Lyne Porras Perez, 27 years old and currently working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia, is crying for help.

The domestic helper wants to return to the Philippines but her current employer does not let her to.

It’s been six months since she started working with her current employer and every day, from the start of her day, her employers curse and shout at her for unknown reasons. She was also being abused by the employers, particularly the eldest child, who dragged her from the house. The employers are deducting fees and she hasn’t received her salary until now too.

[Image Credit: Vyncel Joy Ombid Caro/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Vyncel Joy Ombid Caro/Facebook]

No Help From Her Current Agency

She already tried going to her agency to ask for assistance but the same as other OFWs, her agency just brushed her off and did not do anything to help her with the problem.

A lot of OFWs in Saudi Arabia already advised her to flee but the domestic helper is afraid of being caught.

Here are the important details about this OFW:

  • Name: Kriz Lyne Porras Perez
  • Age: 27 Years Old
  • Passport Number: 1844594A
  • Parents: Elidenio Perez and Milnaluz Perez
  • Address: Punong Grande Bo. 2 Banga, South Cotabato


  • Employer: Mohammed Mubarak Al Qahtani
  • Contact Number: 0558890099
  • Address: Dammam Al Jubail Al – Asha 5 House #113

With no one in Saudi Arabia willing to help her, we hope that the government and the Embassy can do something.

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