Videos of married OFW show passionate moments with Pakistani bf

The fact that some overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are involved in extra-marital affairs when they are already in a foreign country is no longer a shocking news.  We hear about their stories almost everyday and what leaves us disappointed is the thought that these OFWs have families back home believing in them that they will not cheat them.

Relatively, a video is going viral on Facebook just recently.  Two videos were posted by a Facebook page Gerard Artates Bonifacio, which show an OFW who is allegedly MARY JOY MATEO, the alleged wife of a certain SEDLEY MATEO SEROMINES, kissing her Pakistani boyfriend.

One video shows that Mary Joy Mateo is on the bed naked together with her alleged Pakistani boyfriend.  The two are having erotic moments together.  The other video shows that both were kissing passionately, showing Mary Joy Mateo’s face on cam and who seemed to be so crazy in love with her Pakistani boyfriend.

Gerard Artates Bonifacio’s post has this quoted post, “Kahit anong delete mo Pakistani or indiano bandit prin yan sa akin, TAKOT kna ngayon w8 ky malapit na tyo mgkahulihan kyong DALAWA ni MARY JOY MATEO,” ©sedley mateo seromines.  (No matter how you delete Pakistani or Indiano, they are still bandits to me, you are already afraid of me just wait for you are about to be caught, the two of you with Mary Joy Mateo,”)

It is construed that this must have been the original post of a certain Sedley Mateo Seromines, Mary Joy Mateo’s husband who originally posted the videos.

It is really sad for anyone to experience this cheating.  May this serve as a lesson to everyone, not only to OFWs.  We should respect our family.  If in case, your love for your husband or wife is gone and you are n love with someone else, just be discreet and never show your illicit affairs in public.

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