A loving and hard working father left by OFW wife for another man

MABUHAY (Long Live) to all the worthy fathers out there whose top priority is their family and the welfare of their children! Happy Father’s Day!

The episode of Wowowin aired on June 14 is a very nice show just in time for the Father’s Day celebration. Marjon, a single father and a construction worker from Bicol joined Wowowin and shared his story of love and family.

According to Marjon, he has four children with his then wife (unnamed) who was an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) working in Taiwan.  Willie Revillame and the audience became very emotional when Marjon started to relate his painful story.  His wife went abroad to work and while she was abroad she fell in love with another man.

She then asked Marjon for his blessing to let her go and live with  her new man.  It happened three years ago, but the pain is obviously lingering and tearing Marjon’s heart apart.

Marjon related that his wife asked his permission to bring his boy friend to their house to visit her children and take their youngest child with her for a vacation.  He agreed for the sake of his children because they said they also wanted to see their mother.  According to him, it was very painful to see his wife with another man but he had already given her his blessing saying that he did not want to be the hindrance to her happiness.  They lived together as a couple for 16 years though.

As a construction worker, it is really difficult to support four children but he told his children that he is doing his best to send them to school.  He asked them to help him carry the load.  He added that he is sorry for their broken family and for not giving them everything that they need but he assured that he will do everything to support them all.

He left a message to his ex-wife, wished them luck together, and to take care for her children and also to help him, if possible, to support their children and send them to school.

OFW Newsbeat salutes you, Marjon, for your love and sacrifice for your children, and for staying strong for them.  Happy Father’s Day! – LMI

Source: Wowowin 

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